Michael Munger on Private vs. Public Risk-Taking
Oct 3 2006

Munger.jpg Mike Munger and EconTalk's Russ Roberts discuss the differences between public and private risk-taking. Their conversation includes the history of Honda, the Apple computer and even the use of turkey carcasses as an energy source. They also try to understand why the public is skeptical of good new ideas but often embraces bad new ideas.

Addendum: Check out a follow-up question addressed in the Mailbag (Time Mark 54:01)
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Lars Smith
Oct 6 2006 at 2:42am

Great interview, but I wish Russ Roberts would give his very interesting interviewees a chance to get words in sideways, once in a while.

Oct 6 2006 at 6:41am

Hi, Lars. I see you are from France! Welcome to EconTalk!

The format on EconTalk is intended to be more conversational than a typical one-sided radio interview. The idea is to bring the listener one step closer to what an actual economics discussion over lunch between Russ and his guests would be like. It’s a cross between an interview and the give-and-take that happens when colleagues get together.

Unlike most radio interviewers, Russ is a professor in the same field as the featured speakers–economics. He has coffee and lunch often with many of his guests.

Your comment is welcome! Perhaps the weights given to interview vs. conversation are worth reconsideration. We’ve received votes in email and comments on both sides. We welcome further discussion.

Oct 11 2006 at 5:32pm

I agree with you Lauren…Russ makes Econ Talk what it is, he should not be censored!

Russ, keep up the great work. I absolutely love listening to your interviews.

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