Special thanks to all those of you who submitted poems in response to a previous EconTalk Extra based on our episode with Jason Zweig…You exceeded our expectations in your thoughtfulness!

While we loved them all, two especially stood out to us… And we post them below.

The first is from Andrew Beauchamp:

If you save a large part of your earnings
for something you don’t yet need;
If you find the lightest jockey
to drive your investment steed;
If you understand your tolerance for risk
and think about allocation;
If you spread your bets among the rest
and know we’re not the only nation;
If you keep your head when things go south
and do the same on a bull run;
If you insure your risk and spend a little less
you’ll be a great investor my son.

The second is from Ken Simpson:

If the madness of the crowd
brings you last to the game,
If the yearning that haunts you
is finding fortune and fame.
If you find that the glisten
was ne’er more than a bubble.
You’ll try again later,
but for now, you’re in trouble.

Money is a store of value, they say
A tally of debts one is owed.
Like a karma that’s earned by your service to others:
Three duckets per row that is hoed.

Invest it at 6 per centum per annum
In 12 anni hence ’tis worth twice.
Chase the seduction of higher returns,
And find this temptress mayn’t play nice.

For this karma is tied to the whimsy of fortune,
And great fortune often brings risk.
Don’t be astrayed by the smiles of the winners
Whom by fate of the wheel have been kissed.

For hidden from view are the tears of the others,
The many who lost or were cheated.
They chased the allure, the promise, the riches,
But found the money was gone when ’twas needed.

High risk for the excess, the rest much more safely.
Sleep soundly and dream of great things.
From safe returns time can do magic,
And from paupers often makes kings.

What do you think??? Are these great or what?

Thanks again to all of you (and happy reading!). We always love to hear from you…And stay tuned for our Extra on the Rumsey episode coming up next!