It’s easier than ever to be an investor…but is this “democratization” of investing a good thing for all involved? This was among the issues explored in this episode, in which EconTalk host Russ Roberts chatted with The Wall Street Journal’s “Intelligent Investor” columnist Jason Zweig. As usual, I’d like to suggest a few questions for thought for you.

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1. What about the “democratization of finance” and the profusion of information bothers Zweig? Is this an issue you struggle to deal with?2. Zweig notes the “destructive disintermediation” of sectors of the economy wrought by such companies as Uber. What is happening right now to the financial sector that is similar? Do you think such changes will have big benefits for individuals?

3. Did you ever compete in a stock market simulation as a student? What did you learn from the experience? Why do Russ (and Zweig) think employing such competitions to teach personal finance is a bad idea? Do you agree?

4. Zweig argues that self-control is a key component to successful money management and investing. Do you have a personal story of self-control that you’re proud of or one where your self-control was less than perfect and that you’d like to have as a do-over?

5. Don’t forget to post that poem!