Here are the results of the survey of your favorite episodes of 2016. I want to thank all of you around the world (and you live in over 60 different countries) who responded. I’m particularly grateful to those who took the trouble to make suggestions and to share your thoughts on EconTalk. I am hoping to record a bonus episode sharing some of the other survey results and responding to some of your comments. And congrats to the guests who earned your votes.

1. Munger on Slavery and Racism (which received 34% of the vote–one in three of you put it in your top five.

2. Thomas Leonard on Race, Eugenics, and Illiberal Reformers

3. Cathy O’Neil on Weapons of Math Destruction

4. Chuck Klosterman on But What If We’re Wrong

5. Matt Ridley on the Evolution of Everything

6. Doug Lemov on Reading

7. David Autor on Trade, China, and U.S. Labor Markets

8. Terry Anderson on Native American Economics

9. Angela Duckworth on Grit

10. Angus Deaton on Inequality, Trade, and the Robin Hood Principle