This week marked a significant milestone for us at EconTalk, Russ’ 500th episode. To mark the occasion, he invited back his most popular guest, Mike Munger. Despite not having a “topic,” the two had a wide-ranging conversation.


1. Both Roberts and Munger told the story of their “intellectual journeys.” What’s the story of your journey? What economists or philosophers or others have shaped your views? Have those influencers changed over time?
2. What is “unicorn economics,” according to Munger (he insists they are real)? Are you or have you ever been subject to unicornian influence (in economics or elsewhere)? Why do you think such intellectual weak spots exist?

3. How many EconTalk episodes have you listened to? Are there any episodes that you re-listen to now and then? Do you have a favorite?

4. OK, what are your thoughts on the EconTalk theme music? To what extent does it matter? (Extra credit if your employ the word “infelicitous” in your response!)