How can a good manager learn to trust his subordinates? What about his kids? In this episode, EconTalk host Russ Roberts sat down with Joel Peterson, who teaches at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and serves as the Chairman of the Board of JetBlue Airways. The two discuss Peterson’s “strange career” as well as his book, The 10 Laws of Trust.

1. As a traveler, what would you consider to be the most significant innovation in the airline industry? How about as an investor in an airline? To what extent are these two answers the same for you, and why?2. Roberts identifies two types of betrayal one could experience in the business world. Have you ever been betrayed in one of these ways? What’s the best response to business betrayal? How might one use an experience of betrayal to build what Peterson calls “smart trust?”

3. Both Roberts and Peterson suggest finding a coach or mentor. What does Peterson mean when he says, “But, you can’t ask somebody to be your mentor. The mentor marketplace does not work that way.” Who has been your greatest mentor, and why? How did you find him or her?

4. Can ethics be taught??? Why or why not?

5. To what extent has American business and personal culture changed over the last few decades? How closely would you align yourself with Roberts and Peterson, and why?