Since most of you have likely listened to both Jeffrey Sachs’ episode and Nina Munk’s, we thought we might toss out some questions for you to consider from her episode as well.

1. When Roberts asks her to describe Sachs’ plan for the Millennium Villages, Munk begins by praising the “simplicity” of the plan, yet concludes that the Villages cannot be “scaled up.” Why does she believe this, and to what extent do you agree?

2. Why is development like playing Whack-a-Mole, according to Munk?

3. Roberts notes his great sadness that people often presume him (and others who think similarly) to be “callous, indifferent, and heartless.” Why is this the case? Do you agree with Roberts about who holds the moral high and low grounds. Why?

4. What would have been necessary for Munk to have judged Sachs’ project a success?