Are you a sneakerhead? Have you organized a portfolio of your collection? (Did you even know you could???) In this EconTalk episode, host Russ Roberts sat down with the foremost expert on the secondary sneaker market, Josh Luber. They talked about the process of data collection, “deadstock” and the composition of this multi-million dollar secondary market.


1. Luber talks about his process of transitioning to full-time work on Campless, and his plans to launch StockX. What does he mean by a “stock market of things?” How does this comport with the traditional idea of stock markets? Can you think of other “things” that might benefit from a platform like StockX?2. Luber notes the market power of Nike, even in the secondary market, 96% of which consists of Nike shoes. What gives Nike such cache? Should Nike be considered a monopoly? Why or why not?

3. What’s the difference between “sold for” and “listed for” in markets like StubHub and eBay, a distinction Russ found fascinating? Have you ever been tricked by this difference? How? (Bonus: How does Luber suggest that StockX will rectify this, and to what extent do you think they’ll be successful?)

4. I found this episode fascinating…What about it most fascinated you? (I’ll share in the comments, too!)