Brian Nosek, professor of psychology and Executive Director of the Open Science Project, joined EconTalk host Russ Roberts for a follow-up conversation on the results of his meta-analysis of 100 psychology studies, seeking to replicate their findings.

So what did they find? The answer is complicated…But we’re most interested in what you think of the results and this week’s conversation.


1. Nosek and Roberts make reference to the recent news that there’s a link between bacon consumption and cancer. What does this story have to teach people about p values and statistical significance? 2. Are the results of the Reproducibility Project good news or bad news for psychology?

3. At the end of the conversation, Roberts asks why this issue is getting so much attention today. Nosek’s answer, in part, is “everybody is working on problems that they don’t really understand the answers to yet.” In other words, to what extent is Nosek’s project suffering the pretense of knowledge?

4. Did this episode reduce your confidence in news stories about research findings or books that draw on peer-reviewed psychological studies? Should it?