Fish business CEO Roger Berkowitz tells Russ that his guiding philosophy is RoG, or Return of the Guest. Says Berkowitz, “And what I’m simply trying to do is make sure that we can enhance the overall experience that are going to encourage people to want to come back again.”


This episode we’d like to try something a little different…In fact, we’re asking for your advice. What can we do at EconTalk to increase our RoG? How can we make the “experience” of EconTalk a better one? What can we do to bring more listeners into our community?

You might think about the conversation Russ and Berkowitz had about competition, which Russ paints in very broad brush strokes. What constitutes EconTalk’s competition, and how can we fare better in that competitive landscape? How can we make more people aware that we’re here and might be of value to those who don’t know about EconTalk yet?