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In this “Extra,” we’re encouraging you to go a bit deeper with the ideas raised in the Sachs, episode as well as the Munk episode…So here are some new questions.

1. One of Munk’s most pointed criticisms of the MVP projects’ sustainability is that they fail to create long-term opportunities for employment. Why does she believe the project fails to accomplish this? How does Sachs respond to this criticism? What evidence might settle their disagreement?

2. Sachs suggests Munk’s story about villages attempts at growing and selling maize is an “urban legend.” What did Munk find so troubling in this story? What does Sachs appreciate in Munk’s recounting, and how does he respond to the elements with which he takes issue?

3. Roberts seems unconvinced of the effectiveness of what he calls a “top-down” approach. But does he have an alternative way to help poor people in Africa? How might someone who agrees with Roberts answer that challenge?