Have you heard of Henry George? In this EconTalk episode, host Russ Roberts welcomes Glen Weyl to discuss his book, co-authored with Eric Posner, Radical Markets. One of Weyl’s objectives is to bring back one of George’s main proposals, a form of land tax.

1. Weyl asserts that his broad purpose in the book is to “create a different sort of political coalition.” Who is he trying to align, and how successful do you think his various proposals could be in accomplishing this?
2. What’s the difference between allocative and investment efficiency? How is each addressed by Weyl’s land tax plan, and how well?

3. In their discussion of Weyl’s proposed land tax, Roberts pushes him to define what the problem really is…How would you describe the “problem” Weyl is trying to solve, and to what extent do you think it’s a problem?

4. Both Roberts and Weyl seem to agree that we are too attached to our material possessions. Do you agree? Why or why not?

5. Would you “sponsor” an immigrant in the way Weyl describes? Again, why or why not? Would you sell (or purchase) a vote?