Venture capital might be considered an allocative puzzle. How does the venture capitalist choose from the myriad start-ups seeking funding?

In this episode, Marc Andreessen spends a good bit of time describing how he and his partner make such decisions and confront this challenge. Says Andreessen, “There are real limits to what you can know.”

We’d like to know what you think Hayek might have to say to Andreessen…How would Hayek advise Andreessen and his colleagues regarding their investment decisions?

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In F.A. Hayek’s famed 1945 article “The Use of Knowledge in Society,” he discusses these limits.

In your essay, describe how Andressen might make use of this piece. For example, to what extent is venture capital a planning process, in the sense that Hayek speaks of? Would venture capitalists face similar knowledge problems as those Hayek illustrates? How might such knowledge problems be mitigated?

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