There’s a healthcare revolution underway, and while your smartphone may be center-stage in this drama, there’s more to the story than apps. Eric Topol of the Scripps Translational Science Institute joins EconTalk host Russ Roberts for this week’s conversation.

The Patient Will See You Now.jpg

1. What are your top three takeaways from this week’s episode?

2. How can the sharing economy enhance patient-driven health care? How do the barriers to entry for medical services compare to those for rentals or other services? (For more information on the sharing economy and some of its rising stars, you might want to revisit this episode with Marc Andreessen.)

3. When asked about big data, Topol replies, “It’s not big data…it’s big data per individual.” What does he mean by that, and what insights does this suggest about the perils and promise of big data in health care?

4. Have you encountered paternalism from doctors? How did you handle it?

5. If you are a doctor, what concerns you about growing patient power? Do you think this can go too far? Has it affected your practice of medicine?

6. How will your next medical encounter as a patient be different, if at all, after having listened to this week’s conversation?