We hope you enjoyed this episode on the pricing and availability of water with David Zetland. As always, we’d like to hear what you got out of it, and for you to help us continue our conversation.


1. What arguments does Zetland offer for water conservation beyond aesthetics and the environment, and how does this relate to the issue of pricing water? What is scarcity pricing? How is it similar or dissimilar to road congestion pricing?

Who bears the costs of bad water pricing?2. At the end of the conversation, Roberts asks Zetland what changes might be made to increase water managers’ “skin in the game.” How does he respond, and how promising do you findhis suggestions? What would Nassim Taleb, who asserts that “skin in the game” is a useful policy tool but also a moral imperative, say about these proposals? If Zetland is right that water pricing does not include all the requisite costs, who would Taleb note as the bearers of those costs?