Russ welcomed back Mike Munger for his 26th appearance on EconTalk! Their topic of conversation- the rise of the sharing economy.

Use the prompts below to start a conversation over dinner…it’s up to you.

Check Your Knowledge:

1. Munger suggests there are (at least) three reasons why the sharing economy is, in fact, a big deal. What are these reasons? Which is the most (or least) persuasive, and why?

2. Roberts is very optimistic that taxi drivers will not be successful in using the regulatory process to stop Uber. What is the basis for his claim? Do you agree?

Going Deeper:

3. Munger argues that if the value of taxi medallions falls to zero, compensation may be due, and a failure to provide it might constitute a violation of due process. Explain how this could be the case, and to what extent you agree.

4. Why is ticket scalping “like a two-way tariff,” according to Munger? How is ticket scalping like Monkey Parking? Should ticket scalping be legal? Why or why not?

Extra Credit:

5. Recently, Russ spoke with Charles Marohn about his Strong Towns organization. Many of the characteristics that Roberts and Munger see as developing with driverless transport sound like those that Marohn advocates in his work. If you were the C.E.O. of Uber or Lyft (or any of the other ventures discussed in this week’s episode), what might you propose to Marohn as a partnership opportunity? How would your partnership make your town “stronger”?