Roberts spoke with famed tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen about what the future of technology holds.

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Check Your Understanding:

1. Andreessen suggests a two-by-two matrix might be employed to evaluate potential venture capital investment. What is included in this matrix, and what does it suggest about the best sorts of start-ups to invest in?

Going Deeper:

2. Why is Andreessen optimistic about the future of journalism? To what extent do you share in his outlook?

3. Andreessen is incredibly optimistic about the potential of bitcoin to change our lives. What is Andreessen’s argument? Do you find it plausible?

Extra Credit:

4. In this 2011 episode, Tyler Cowen spoke with Roberts about why we should expect a natural slow-down in the rate of innovation- a Great Stagnation. This is in marked comparison to the optimism Andreessen exhibits in this week’s episode. Why does Cowen think we’ve reached a “technological plateau,” and why does he believe the benefits of information technology are limited to the few? Describe how you think Andreessen would reply to Cowen’s thesis.