Russ Roberts’s enthusiasm for technology and optimism for the future might only be outdone by this EconTalk guest, futurist Kevin Kelly. Their conversation ranges over the human need for communication, developing techno-literacy skills for The Inevitable future, and the very purpose of humans in relation to the digital world.

How do you interact with technology? Are you seeing a transition from the technology of information to the technology of experience? Has the Internet shortened your attention span? Sped up your brain?

virtual reality.jpg

1. What does Kelly mean when he says, “…in a very real way our inventions assign us our jobs?” How has your work changed with technology, and to what extent do you think technological advance is a net positive for people in your line of work?2. What is “the Internet of Experience?” How does this signify a change in the way we interact with technology? Have you seen any evidence of this as yet? To what extent are you looking forward to it?

3. How has the Internet changed the way you communicate and interact with others? The way you contemplate? Has this been a net positive change in your experience? Do you think technology’s effects will be more or less positive going forward?

4. While we used to be “people of the book,” Kelly says we have now become “people of the screen.” What does this entail? Kelly also suggests we will need a whole skill set for “constructing our truths.” What should/would be included in such a skill set?