Is it possible to capture all the world’s knowledge in one place, and make it universally shareable? While this seems like a tall order, it’s exactly what Adam D’Angelo is trying to do on Quora. This week EconTalk host Russ Roberts sat down with D’Angelo in Quora’s offices to talk about the project.

So where do you go to look for answers? Have you ever stumbled across knowledge on the web that changed your life?

1. Why are transaction costs such an important concept to Quora’s business?

2. BOOK BONUS QUESTION: Is there a concept, such as transaction costs, that you’re learned about through EconTalk that’s radically changed the way you think about some aspect of your life? If so, share the story with us. We’d like to share some of them in turn, and of course we’ll share books with our faves!3. What are some examples of effective or powerful online communities that you are involved in? What makes them effective compared to others?

4. D’Angelo says his motto/mission (and Quora’s) is Share and grow the world’s knowledge. What’s YOUR motto? Why is that motto reflective of you and/or what you do?

5. D’Angelo says the trend that’s most under the tech-radar today is personalization. Do you think the trend he suggests toward ever more specific personalization is positive or negative? Why?