I’ve noticed in recent years that many of you want to get more out of EconTalk than just listening an hour each week. You want to go deeper and learn more. So we’re starting a new feature here, EconTalk Extras, to try to enrich the learning experience of EconTalk. It will also be a way for me to interact with you beyond our weekly hour together and beyond FaceBook and Twitter.

We’re going to start with some variety. Sometimes, I’ll be doing a post-mortem on an episode, and possibly responding to some of the comments you’ve made. Other times we’ll have discussion questions for you to react to or write about or just think about if you’re interested. We have other ideas that we’ll introduce as we go along.

I’ll be producing some of this material and some will be produced by educators and staffers from Liberty Fund, the sponsor of EconTalk. They’ll introduce themselves with their first post and every post will be identified by author.

We hope this new material makes EconTalk a richer educational experience.