This episode, Russ Roberts spoke with Y Combinator president Sam Altman about tech, innovation, Y Combinator’s impact, and more.

Check Your Knowledge:

1. What does Altman look for in a potential entrepreneur? How does what he looks for differ from you might expect? Do you think his ordering of skills is a good way to judge employees?

2. How can a software platform increase the supply of a tangible good or service? What sort of limits are there to this sort of increase?

Going Deeper:

3. Altman speaks with great enthusiasm about the potential of nuclear power. Yet despite his enthusiasm, he doesn’t want a nuclear plant near his home. Is this rational? Why or why not? How do you feel about transitioning to nuclear power? Use the economic way of thinking to craft your response.

4. Altman and Roberts discuss trends and the potential for future innovation in health care, Bitcoin, and wearables. Which is Altman most optimistic about, and why? Which do you think holds the most potential for making life better?

Extra Credit:

5. Altman argues that finding a clean, safe, and cheap energy source would be “the most important thing an individual can do for the future of the world.” Defend his position, or argue a different position. In other words, what is the most important innovation the world could benefit from today, and why?