Will the Real Adam Smith Please Stand Up?

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Join our streaming broadcast direct from Ball State University, 5:00-6:30 pm (EST) Wednesday, March 11th! The event will feature a conversation between Russ Roberts, host of EconTalk, James Otteson of Wake Forest University, and Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith of Chapman University, discussing the relevance of Adam Smith for the 21st century.

Please note: We recommend utilizing Firefox for best viewing of the stream.

We will also be releasing audio and video as a regular EconTalk episode in a few weeks.

Addendum: The audio and video are now available at http://www.econtalk.org/archives/2015/04/vernon_smith_an.html

[Thanks for joining us at this now-completed event. Watch for the EconTalk podcast episode in a few weeks.]

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Jeremey Arnold writes:

I will just say, as a Ball State alum, I'm very happy to see such an awesome panel. I'm also incredibly jealous I won't be able to be there to meet Dr. Roberts in person! The jealousy is palpable... Please enjoy your stay in Muncie!

Duncan Bayne writes:

Well, Microsoft doesn't support my operating system, so I won't be able to view anything that requires Silverlight to be installed.

I know it might be Ball State U's technology, not yours, but it's an odd thing to be requiring proprietary software in 2015 just to watch streaming video.

Having worked for a University in the past I know they can be a bit hidebound, but this is definitely something that should be addressed to allow you reach a wider audience.

[Hi, Duncan. You're right that this is a matter of Ball State's technology. We did realize beforehand that some folks might not be able to view it; although in a few cases there are downloadable apps or software that do make it possible. But we decided that there was no reason to deny those who could view it the option to do so. We apologize for the inconvenience.

[If you are running Mac software, I do know it works fine in Safari. --Econlib Ed.]

Joe C. writes:


I can't help but agree with Jeremey. As a Ball State alum who doesn't live in Muncie anymore, I'm incredibly jealous. Please enjoy Muncie and everyone in the Ball State community. They're wonderful people! Thank you for your work.

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