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Legislators vs. Wal-Mart

EconTalk Episode with Richard Epstein
Hosted by Russ Roberts
Friedman on Capitalism and Fre... The Economics of Paternalism...

Russ Roberts and Richard Epstein discuss the attempts to use legislation to handicap Wal-Mart. They also discuss the evolution of the union movement and the constitutionality of various legislative attacks on Wal-Mart.

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Podcast Readings
  • Federal Judge Overturns Wal-Mart Law The decision to strike down Maryland legislation invoking ERISA. CBS News.
  • Council defies Daley, OKs 'living wage' The Chicago vote, Chicago Sun-Times.
  • Labor Unions. Morgan O. Reynolds, in the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
  • The Economics of Organ Donations. Previous EconTalk podcast with Richard Epstein.
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    rjmahoney writes:

    wonderful discussion with epstein on wal-mart--my first exposure to this site--I'll return
    One of the reasons I liked being in the high tech value added business was that the cost of labor as a % of selling price was low and we could get on with matters other than battling unions all the time: finding great people to do great things and spending time fighting the competition not our people

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