Russ Roberts

An Interview with Gary Becker

EconTalk Episode with Gary Becker
Hosted by Russ Roberts
Giving Away Money: An Economis... Barro on Growth...

Russ Roberts interviews Gary Becker on the challenges of being an intellectual maverick, the economic approach to human behavior, the influences of Adam Smith and Alfred Marshall on Becker's work and Becker's optimism for the future of economics.

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Readings and Links related to this podcast

Podcast Readings
  • "The Economic Way of Looking at Life". Gary Becker's 1992 Nobel lecture.
  • Gary Becker biography in the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.
  • "Human Capital," article by Gary Becker in the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.
  • Adam Smith on mediocre teaching in Book V of An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.
  • The Theory of Moral Sentiments, by Adam Smith.
  • Principles of Economics, by Alfred Marshall
  • A Conversation with Gary S. Becker Interview with Manuel Ayau in the Intellectual Portrait Series. Online and by video. Liberty Fund, Inc.
  • Interview with Gary Becker in The Region. Becker talks about applying the analytic tools of microeconomics to non-economic subjects.
  • Becker-Posner Blog
  • Nobel Prize 1992, official site.

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