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Giving Away Money: An Economist's Guide to Political Life

EconTalk Episode with Mike Munger
Hosted by Russ Roberts
Intermittent Explosive Disorde... An Interview with Gary Becker...

Michael MungerRuss Roberts and Mike Munger of Duke University talk about the economics of politics, rent-seeking, lobbying and the sometimes perverse incentives of the political world.

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Podcast Readings
  • Rent-Seek and You Will Find, by Mike Munger.
  • Government Spending, by Gordon Tullock, in the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. Definition of rent-seeking.
  • Microeconomics, by Arnold C. Harberger, in the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. More on the meaning of rent-seeking.
  • Economics and the Ordinary Person: Re-reading Adam Smith, by Sam Fleischacker. Includes relevant quotes by Adam Smith.
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