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The Economics of Inheritance

EconTalk Episode with Don Cox
Hosted by Russ Roberts
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Cox.jpgRuss Roberts and Don Cox of Boston College discuss the economics of inheritance, estates and the family. They look at how parents divide their time and money between their children and our concerns for what people think of us after we are gone.

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Readings and Links related to this podcast

Podcast Readings
  • In Defense of Malthus, by Morgan Rose
  • Inheritance from Lalor's Cyclopaedia of Political Science
  • Credible Incentives for Your Teenage Bum Bryan Caplan, EconLog
  • The Economics of Inheritance in Vanity Fair, Bryan Caplan, EconLog
  • "Land Shortage, Social Change, and Social Conflict in East Africa," P. H. Gulliver. The Journal of Conflict Resolution, vol. 5, no. 1, Mar. 1961, pp. 16-26. Available at JSTOR by subscription (and at most university libraries).
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