Russ Roberts

Ticket Scalping and Opportunity Cost

EconTalk Episode with Mike Munger
Hosted by Russ Roberts
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Michael MungerMichael Munger of Duke University and Russ Roberts talk about the economics of ticket scalping, examining our reactions to free and found goods, gifts, e-Bay, value in use vs. value in exchange, and opportunity costs.

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Podcast Readings
  • A Fable of the OC by Michael Munger
  • The Secret History of the Dismal Science, David M. Levy and Sandra J. Peart
  • Revealed Preference vs. Happiness, EconLog blog entry by Arnold Kling
  • Opportunity Cost, David R. Henderson, Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
  • Addendum: Check out a follow-up question addressed in this Mailbag (Time Mark 47:56)
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